Yesterday I was in my little 10×10 tent at the Knoxville Nationals. It wasn’t a super busy day but I was feeling good about raising awareness about Race4Girls and Race4 Domestic Violence Prevention (DVP). A lot of people who stopped by were really encouraging and positive about what we’re doing.

Then, just before I was closing, a woman and her husband stopped by. We found a t-shirt for her and when I asked her if she wanted the proceeds to go to our drivers or DVP she said DVP. I could tell by her tone that she was passionate about that. So I asked her if she knew anyone who had been affected by domestic violence.

When she said “me” I lost it! I could not hold back the tears. I had several other women who had told me the same thing but this one really got me. The most amazing thing happened when she saw me crying…she came back and gave me a big hug and told me she’s OK now.  She also said, “thank you for what you’re doing.”

I guess when you’re doing something you’re passionate about it’s OK to cry!

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