Sometimes you wish for good things to come your way. You may not even have something specific in mind – you just need something positive to show up.

I made that wish. And what showed up was a wonderful young woman who sent me a message through LinkedIn. She was a racer, now a journalism major…and she wanted to know how she could help. OK! Where should I start!!!

We talked by phone then in person and we came up with a way for her to help us that would also be good for her dream career. She is our official “Race4Girls” reporter and her name is Katie Hargitt.

Katie’s job will be to do video interviews with our drivers so we can post to this blog. I can hardly wait to see what she comes up with. It will help our fans get to know our drivers better and will also give Katie an opportunity to build her portfolio.If you want to know more about Katie visit her website.

WIN! WIN! Words we love to hear in racing.